Our Anellogy™ platform aims to usher in a new era of programmable medicine by harnessing the natural human commensal virome.

Tuyen Ong, MD, MBA, Ring CEO

What we do

Pioneering the future of programmable genetic medicines

Ring is taking a novel approach to engineering viral-based therapies that can safely and effectively deliver therapies to target cells and tissues.

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Harnessing the untapped power of the human commensal virome

Through millions of years of harmonious evolution, anelloviruses developed several unique and differentiating features which could be harnessed into the ideal viral therapeutic: they are extraordinarily diverse, they are ubiquitous not only within the human population but within all tissues in the body, and they naturally evade the immune system.

Ring is harnessing these intrinsic traits to develop anellovirus-based therapies capable of tissue and cellular tropism, payload versatility, potency and redosability.

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Transforming commensal viruses into life-saving therapies

By expanding our knowledge of anelloviruses, our revolutionary platform can exploit unique properties and tissue tropisms to build therapies that can deliver diverse therapeutic modalities to a wide array of tissues.

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We push boundaries of what’s possible

Through building a team comprising the leading experts and pioneers, we are working together to bring the next generation of therapies to patients with significant need.

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