The platform

Transforming commensal viruses into life-saving therapies.

Through expanding our knowledge of anelloviruses, our revolutionary platform can exploit unique properties and tissue tropisms to build vectors that can deliver diverse therapeutic modalities to a wide array of tissues.

Key Features


Current virus-delivered therapies face a major barrier: the inability to repeatedly dose. The generation of antibodies against treatment results in a robust immune response to any subsequent exposure. The commensal virome is ubiquitous within the human body and does not trigger any significant immune reactions. Therefore, our AnelloVector™ and AnelloLP™ therapeutics have the potential to treat patients with pre-existing immunologic barriers and/or those requiring redosing.

Tropism with cellular and tissue specificity

Many tissue types are elusive to current viral-based vector candidates and are currently unreachable. A therapy that is both redosable and able to target unreachable tissues has the potential to open solutions for a host of diseases. Our platform promises to target a broad array of tissue specificities benefitting from the inherent diversity of tissue tropism by leveraging the commensal virome.

Lack of insertional mutagenesis

Current virus-based gene delivery platforms can randomly integrate within the human genome, disrupting the function of important genes. AnelloVector™ cargo remain as episomes in the nucleus and do not affect the genome. This eliminates the potential risk of insertional mutagenesis, making for a safer therapy. Episomal delivery also ensures persistent expression of therapeutic proteins, while also offering titration and withdrawal to safely reach the therapeutic index.


Our AnelloVector™ and AnelloLP™ therapeutics can be engineered to accommodate a wide variety of therapeutic modalities and can be delivered via multiple routes of administration.

Highly Modular & Scalable Manufacturing

We are developing a proprietary AnelloBricks™ manufacturing process to rapidly scale manufacturing and explore the broad therapeutic potential of various AnelloVector™ and AnelloLP™ therapeutics. This highly modular and controllable system enables payload versatility. By implementing state-of-the-art manufacturing, we plan to scale production to commercial levels and take the Anellogy™ platform from bench to bedside.

Revolutionizing medicine

Using our proprietary AnelloScope™ discovery engine, we uncovered and characterized the world’s largest collection of commensal viruses and are harnessing those best suited for specifically targeting a wide array of diseases. Our research team has accumulated the largest body of knowledge on anelloviruses, greatly expanding understanding of their natural diversity, and can successfully vectorize them. We believe that the key features of anelloviruses provide foundation for an unparalleled new programmable medicine platform.

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Anellogy™ Platform








The AnelloScope™ platform serves as the primary discovery engine driving our pipeline and platform growth through rapid mining of the natural Anellome for new targets for therapeutic design. The AnelloScope™ discovery engine consists of our Ring capture technology, optimized for circular anellovirus sequences, a high throughput data mining system, and proprietary computational pipeline to rapidly screen, identify, and characterize anellovirus diversity. We have identified many thousands of unique anellovirus sequences as a foundation for Ring’s rapidly growing database.


AnelloScreen™ technology can be used to rapidly characterize new anelloviruses discovered by the AnelloScope™ platform. Following identification, anelloviruses are screened for factors including tissue tropism, redosability, potency and immunogenicity. The results from the AnelloScreen™ process are fed back into the AnelloDesign™ computational pipeline to optimally combine hallmarks of each factor when designing AnelloVector™ and AnelloLP™ therapeutics.


Once anelloviruses are identified and screened, our computational pipeline combines genomic information to design a variety of AnellosVectors™ that harness the unique factors of anellovirus species to design therapies that are capable of targeting specific tissues, are able to be redosed, and retain potency without unwanted immunogenicity.


AnelloVector™ therapeutics are engineered viral particles that can be vectorized with varying flavors of nucleic acid, i.e, DNA or RNA. In addition for DNA, once administered, the nucleic acids will remain as episomes in the nucleus where they can be expressed without integrating onto chromosomal DNA. AnelloVector™ therapeutics have the rare potential to be harmless, transferring nucleic acids to new cells in a variety of tissue types without damaging tissues or activating the immune system. Ring has also unlocked a method that enables versatile payload capabilities and manufacturing modularity.


AnelloLP therapeutics are engineered viral particles that can have various other payloads conjugated to its surface. Their unique immune evasion properties offer the potential for substantial therapeutic value across a variety of indications, and Ring’s highly modular and scalable manufacturing system allows rapid creation.


Ring’s in-house AnelloBricks™ manufacturing platform can produce therapies efficiently at scale in its in-house manufacturing facility. This allows the company to pursue clinical development of multiple AnelloVector™ drug products as well as establish and improve the scalable and modular process needed for full-scale commercial production.

Building the future

The abundance of anelloviruses offer a practically limitless number of candidates for our proprietary pipeline of AnelloVector™ and AnelloLP™ therapeutics, with each candidate representing a new potential class of  technology with optimal characteristics for disease-specific tissue targeting. Using anelloviruses, Ring is pioneering the future of programmable medicines, one that allows physicians to administer targeted medicines repeatedly and specifically titrate them for the desired effect in each patient.

Ring is redefining what’s possible in medicine to give each and every patient an option to live a long and full life.

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