Yuko Soneoka Gee, PhD, JD

Vice President, Intellectual Property

Yuko joined Ring Therapeutics as VP, Intellectual Property in November 2021. Prior to joining Ring, Yuko was Vice President, IP RX+ and New Technologies at Astellas Pharma US where she was responsible for overseeing and managing the IP of Astellas’ US research sites and creating global IP strategies for cell and gene therapies and digital health (RX+). Prior to Astellas, Yuko served as in-house counsel as well as external counsel in Washington DC, San Francisco Bay Area, and Boston. Yuko holds a JD from Georgetown University, a PhD from the University of Oxford, Dept of Biochemistry, and a BS in Microbiology from the University of Michigan. Yuko also conducted post doctoral research at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Boston Children’s Hospital and at the University of Oxford.