2021, September 27

Fierce Biotech names Ring Therapeutics as one of its “Fierce 15” Biotech Companies of 2021

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., — Ring Therapeutics today announced that Fierce Biotech has named it as one of 2021’s Fierce 15 biotechnology companies, designating it as one of the most promising early-stage biotechnology companies in the industry.

“In 2020, we got to celebrate the best and brightest biotechs trying to dig the world out of the pandemic. Speaking with this year’s class of Fierce 15 winners showed us that not even a global pandemic can stop incredible innovations in medicine, and we’re on the cusp of some new breakthrough treatments that have continued apace despite unprecedented disruption last year,” said Annalee Armstrong, Senior Editor of Fierce Biotech. “Slowing down was not an option for our 2021 Fierce 15 winners. From a biotech exploring a new type of viral vector for gene therapies to one trying to crack fibroblasts as a way to target resistant tumors, the Fierce Biotech team heard one thing in common: strong teams of scientists and professionals united in a goal to advance life-changing medicines. We’re proud to showcase this esteemed group of emerging biotechs to the world.”

Ring Therapeutics is a biotechnology company revolutionizing the gene therapy and nucleic acid medicine space by pioneering the development of a new class of viral vector. The company developed the Anellogy™ platform which harnesses the commensal virome of anelloviruses, a community of viruses found naturally within humans, which over millions of years of evolution have derived highly favorable properties such as potentially enhanced tropism and immune tolerance making them highly desirable viral vectors. Ring Therapeutics, a Flagship Pioneering company, aims to develop and further expand its portfolio by leveraging its platform to successfully dose, and redose if needed, therapeutic cargos in a potentially safer and more targeted manner to unreachable organs and tissues elusive to current therapies.

“As a company, we are thrilled to be recognized as a recipient of the Fierce 15 award, an honor which echoes our commitment to bring transformational medicines to patients,’’ stated Tuyen Ong, M.D, MBA, CEO of Ring Therapeutics and CEO-Partner Flagship Pioneering. “We see this designation as a testament to our unparalleled focus to revolutionize genetic medicine and provide potential solutions for a wide spectrum of indications with unmet need. Through our novel Anellogy™ platform, we are utilizing the previously untapped plethora of commensal viruses to advance numerous potential pipeline candidates to combat some of the toughest diseases.”

The Fierce 15 celebrates the spirit of being “fierce” – championing innovation and creativity, even in the face of intense competition. This is Fierce Biotech’s 19th annual Fierce 15 selection.

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About Ring Therapeutics

Ring Therapeutics is revolutionizing the gene therapy and nucleic acid medicine space by harnessing the most abundant and diverse member of the human commensal virome, anelloviruses. The company developed the Anellogy™ platform which focuses on anelloviruses to potentially treat a broad range of diseases. Through harnessing the unique properties of these commensal viruses, the Anellogy™ platform generates diverse vectors that exhibit both tissue-specific tropism and the potential to be re-dosed. Ring Therapeutics, founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2017, aims to develop and further expand its portfolio by leveraging its platform to unlock the full potential of gene therapy and nucleic acid medicines, enabling a variety of mechanisms that successfully deliver therapeutic cargo to unreachable organs and tissues. To learn more, visit https://www.ringtx.com/ or follow us on X (Twitter) at @Ring_tx.


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