2023, October 24

Ring Therapeutics Presents New Data on Anellogy™ Platform at the 30th Annual European Society of Gene & Cell Therapy Congress

Translation of innate properties of anelloviruses to create Anellovectors with strengthened tropism and immune stealth, enabling redosability

Transduction and expression across a variety of tissues in mouse and non-human primates, unlocking the potential for Anellovectors across disease areas

Innovation with well-established manufacturing processes to build a cell-free, in vitro production system called AnelloBricks, to address some of gene therapies biggest limitations

Cambridge, Mass. October 24, 2023 Ring Therapeutics, a life sciences company founded by Flagship Pioneering to revolutionize gene therapy with its commensal virome platform, today announced new preclinical data demonstrating a functional anellovirus-based viral vector and the innovative manufacturing technology enabling its production at scale. The data, which will be presented in two posters at the 30th Annual Congress of the European Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ESGCT), validates the Anellogy platform’s potential to overcome some of the largest barriers facing gene therapy today.

“I am extremely proud of the team at Ring as we reach this critical milestone showcasing Anellovectors as a viable viral vector for genetic medicines,” said Tuyen Ong, MD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer of Ring Therapeutics and CEO-Partner at Flagship Pioneering. “Building on the foundational work characterizing anelloviruses, we have achieved in vivo transduction of Anellovectors, supported by our modular AnelloBricks manufacturing technology, to produce them at scale. With our proven Anellogy platform, we’re excited to take one step closer to the clinic as we work to transform commensal viruses into life changing therapies for patients.”

Presentation details and key highlights below:

Anellovector Biology

Title: Anellovectors: a novel functional gene delivery platform based on commensal human anelloviruses demonstrates transduction in multiple cell and tissue types
Board Number:  P003

  • Successful vectorization of Anellovectors enabled through a Self-Amplifying Trans-complementation of a Universal Recombinant Vector (SATURN)
  • Through SATURN, production of capsid protein-dependent particles that encapsidate ssDNA vector genomes carrying only therapeutic cargo (no viral genes)
  • Genome of a single anellovirus packaged into a capsid from multiple anellovirus species, harnessing the expansive diversity of anelloviruses
  • Robust in vitro transduction and expression across a variety of tissues using different routes of administration in mouse models
  • Pilot NHP study shows successful retinal Anellovector transduction following intravitreal administration

Anellovector Manufacturing

Title: AnelloBricks: a novel, cell-free, in vitro assembled viral vector system based on commensal human anelloviruses offers a highly modular, versatile, and scalable manufacturing platform solution to genetic medicines
Board Number: P004

  • Cell-free, in vitro assembled genetic medicines platform – AnelloBricks – offers a safer and more modular approach for viral vector production
  • AnelloBricks is comprised of two components: recombinant protein and nucleic acid payload (i.e. DNA, RNA)

AnelloBricks offers payload versatility while reducing manufacturing complexity, resulting in a readily scalable production system

About Ring Therapeutics

Ring Therapeutics is revolutionizing the genetic medicines and nucleic acid medicine space by harnessing the most abundant and diverse member of the human commensal virome, anelloviruses. The company developed the Anellogy™ platform which focuses on anelloviruses to potentially treat a broad range of diseases. Through harnessing the unique properties of these commensal viruses, the Anellogy™ platform generates diverse vectors that exhibit both tissue-specific tropism and the potential to be re-dosed. Ring Therapeutics, founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2017, aims to develop and further expand its portfolio by leveraging its platform to unlock the full potential of gene therapy and nucleic acid medicines, enabling a variety of mechanisms that successfully deliver therapeutic cargo to unreachable organs and tissues. To learn more, visit https://www.ringtx.com/ or follow us on X (Twitter) at @Ring_tx.


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